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It might be lightweight and smaller in size, but the Bronco CRT rear-tine garden tiller is powerful.  Designed to be small enough to fit easily between garden rows, the Troy-Bilt Bronco CRT garden tiller has the power and durability to handle your tough garden jobs.  

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Under Construction

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16 HP hydraulic rear tine tiller. Fingertip controls are simple to understand and easy to operate for the inexperienced or professional user. Wheels and tines work independently of each other, allowing the wheels to travel at variable speed while the engine and tines remain at full speed.

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The Rotadairon is a one-pass lawn rennovation/bed prep tool with tremendous labor savings. The Rotadairon buries rocks up to 4" in diameter and brings loose, pulversized soil to the surface, leaving only the planting to be finished in its wake.

Attachment only, needs mini skid steer to operate.

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The Rear Tine Merry Tiller® is self-propelled w/three forward speeds and reverse. It provides exceptional control in tough soil conditions.

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A compact tiller featuring a swivel handlebar

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